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World Legalization, Inc. is a company that specializes in offering world class document legalization solutions. Some of these solution are State Apostille, Federal Authentication, Embassy Legalization services, Document Preparation, Document Retrieval, and Document Translation

World Legalization, Inc. offers document Apostille/Legalization for Corporate, Commercial, personal, and federal documents. Our Services are available to everyone who might need State Apostille, Federal Authentication, or Embassy Legalization. We service all 50 US States. No job is too big or small for us. We handle all certification processes from State to Federal to Embassy levels.

World Legalization team hand deliver the document to the US State Department & Foreign Embassies in Washington D.C. We offer a fast and accurate document authentication and legalization service at a reasonable price. Our aim and objective to simplify the documents authentication process by offering our clients a clear understanding of the apostille/Legalization process. We want to make sure our valued customers do not have to worry about getting themselves settled in their new host country.

We offer one day Apostille for many types of documents. Legislation process can be done in as little as six business days.

*One business day Apostille is offered currently to certain states. Please call or email us to learn more.

Document apostille and legalization is our job. We take our job very seriously. We know what it takes to have your documents authenticated the first time. Our team of experts will handle your document request and make sure the apostille/Legalization of your documents is done right to be used in the host country. We handle it with our professional touch for you!

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